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At Exact you can make the difference. As one of the fastest growing cloud software companies Exact has offices all over the world. Nonetheless, our organization is small enough for you to stand out. To think outside of the box and leave the beaten track. We are looking for people with guts. Does that describe you?

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Our mentality

Exact's success is the success of personal power. First of all the power of six students who founded Exact. They dared to do something extraordinary in 1984. All of them added their own personal flavor to Exact. Today we are in a team of more than 1500 colleagues. Each of us with our own unique mentality. A mentality that makes us focus on our ambition, work hard, and free our mind for new ideas. And ready to face all challenges in the years to come.

All this is embodies in our 30 years celebration video.

30 years Exact is powered by you

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Exact infographic